Our foundation longhair here at Silverodhar weimaraners, Chloe has turned out to be an all round star, her passion for working cattle here on the farm is unbelievable but to see her in the show ring strutting her stuff is like watching the ultimate show pony in action. Shown only a couple of times each year she really has done amazing things

Our wonderful Gemma is the daughter of Ch Bromhund Tiffini Brushed and is loved dearly by our youngest son Joshua. Born in a litter of Five Girls and One boy on the 13/04/02 she has turned out to be Silverodhar's quiet achiever. While the show ring has never been her passion Gemma can preform well when asked. Some of her wins include 2005 Royal Melbourne Show BOB against her brother who went on to win the 3rd Australian Weimaraner National Show in 2005. Her true passion in life is sleeping in her bed and wondering around the farm chasing birds, rabbits and Kangaroos. 
Gemma was graded at the 3rd Australian Weimaraner National 2005 and was given a Certificate of Excellence.

From the moment Wolfgang was born he has proven to be a star here at home. He has a very laid back nature and will only perform when he feels the need other than that he is happy following me around the farm moving cattle or hunting rabbits & foxes. Wolfgang’s show career started really slowly with his first outing into the ring being all to boring for him with him thinking there nothing in this ring that I can chase and with that he lay down. Thankfully things improved and on his fourth show which happened to be the 3rd Australian Weimaraner nationals in 2005 he was awarded Best in Show.

Born the only girl out of a litter of seven her grandmother CH Bromhund Tiffini Brushed just loves her to bits and they spend every minute of the day together. This little girl has the most wonderful life here on the farm along side her Mum, uncle and Grandmother. There is nothing more exciting in her life at the moment than swimming in the dam and running free over the farm.

Elmo and Sapphire are our loveable clowns here at Silverodhar. He was the puppy  that never found quite a home and somehow he managed to worm his way in to our hearts  and Sapphire was always going to stay with us as part of the family here at Silverodhar. 
Both has grown in to a beautiful Natured dogs with a wag of their tails and a silly grins for everyone that meets them.