About Us

The home of Claremont Red Angus can be found at Clunes Victoria Australia .Where Jeff ,Sue and their two boys Matt & Josh and I live on 250 acres .The farm is called Claremont due to the fact that the Boland's come from the town of Clare in Ireland and we live at the base of Mount Beckworth. We breed  Red Angus cattle for Stud, commercial and the home freezer trade.

Starting of with only 120 acres seventeen years ago after making a life style change .Our aim was to make our small farm profitable, after many discussions and lots of research we chose Red Angus Cattle.

Our move to our Red Angus came in 1999 when we purchased our first females. We chose Red Angus over the other more mainstream breeds for their temperament ,calving ease and colour.  

Our approach to raising beef cattle may be different to conventional farmers but we must be doing something right as we now have over 80 loyal Clients and our numbers seem to be growing. Additional sales are gained fro by showcasing our cattle at numerous expos and shows, sales of live animals to other breeders and the home freezer trade of our quality home grown grass-fed Red Angus beef has also helped to grow our business. Our cattle numbers have grown and the farm size has doubled and we are now looking to expand again.